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Process Toward Holy Orders
Please pray for these who have made application for consideration for Holy Orders in The Celtic Episcopal Church.
The Rev Deacon James "Jacob" Bush - Charleston, West Virginia
Deacon Jacob is currently the Deacon Pastor for Saint Brendan CEC in Charleston, West Virginia and is in the process of discernment as to whether or not God would have him be a priest. Please remember him in your prayers.
The Rev Deacon Tim Delbridge - Houston, TX
Deacon Tim has been advanced to Candidate for Holy Orders to the Priesthood and will be developing a new Mission in the Houston, TX area.
The Rev Deacon Peter Devlin - Stoneham, MA
Deacon Peter has been advanced to Candidate for Holy Orders to the Priesthood and is also in the process of becoming a Chaplain.
Rev. Jack "Chris" Killough MA - California
Pastor Jack Killough is in the process of discerning the will of God concerning his making The Celtic Episcopal Church his ecclesiastical home. Please remember him and the people of St. Columba Church in El Sobrante, CA in your prayers.
Mr. Greggory Shaffer - South Carolina
Mr. Shaffer is in the Application process for Holy Orders to the Vocational Diaconate.